Monster Project Wins Race Line Honours – Round Ireland Yacht Race IRL

Farmer Ryan and Monster Project win race line honours

Celebrations here in WSC Clubhouse as David Ryan and his crew cross the line at 18:25 this evening. The crew, very tired but very happy, came ashore in great form and, after enjoying a massive local welcome, have retired to the safety of the clubhouse, hot showers, hot food and flowing Guinness. Well done to them all!

Unfortunately though, Ocean Tango was forced out earlier this afternoon, retiring to Burtonport with Eugene F Collins/Amazing Grace; we’re sorry to see them have to leave the race.

Coming in later tonight, probably around 23.00 this evening or slightly earlier, should be Teng Tools, unless Newstalk can make up the few miles separating them at the moment.

So, Monster gets Line Honours, but Newstalk comes higher on corrected time.

Libertalia lies about 15 miles behind the other two 60 ft boats, and the shore crew are here already to prepare the welcome.

Inis Mor is now 19 miles behind Libertalia, off Dundalk Bay. 20 miles behind again, off Ardglass come Phosphorous, May Contain Nuts and Arwen. The fleet then stretches from Ruth half-way down the Ards peninsula to Dreamcatcher off Malin Hd.

On estimated corrected time, Cavatina and Ruth are 1st and 2nd on VMG from start and also recent, with not much time between them. They should both get the benefit of the tide around Antrim. Inis Mor, Endgame & Tanit are also doing well.

With the bulk of the boats coming in from early tomorrow morning onwards, we’re looking forward to a very busy, but very interesting, two days!

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