Rugby: Switch off the Macho image, Switch on the Human.

Balance, balance and oh yes more balance!


SportsYoga-banner-1-top   Pre -season training is upon the rugby world once again, managers and coaches gather their squads and organize their back-room  team of professionals. Strength and conditioning  experts, physiotherapists, sports masseurs are being reinstated.  All squads are well rested and now getting  fired up  for another season of  training. Testosterone and “machoism” is at an all time high with managers and players seeking ideas to gain the edge.

I spoke to an ex-Leinster rugby captain during the week, who remembers the day  back  in the 90’s when the team were told that they had been booked in for a massage. Originally the players thought that this was bizarre! Sports massage is now a standard and essential procedure in rugby training.  How many managers will go down the standard route of pushing, pushing  and if you are not up to the required level of performance – more pushing. Let me explain, the pushing era is now coming to an end as tight muscles become tighter and weak muscles become weaker, the result? Injury. Now is the time to make the first move.

The game of rugby demands razor sharp co-ordination, speed and upper body strength to ward of the opposition and to propel the player forward. The game of rugby also demands finely tuned  hamstrings, lengthy quads and pliable abductors for crouching and scrums. The game of rugby  requires mobility and space in the hips,and stability in the knees for the cycle of sprints, quick side steps and acceleration. The game of rugby needs balance in every sense of the word. The body is a delicate balance of opposing forces.  Our skeletons were meant to find support and strength from our muscles without sacrificing range of motion and flexibility. Not an easy achievement as we move through our lives emotionally and physically. The game of rugby needs me!

The concept of SportsYoga .ie  is to train sports enthusiasts to create balance in their lives. Set the cornerstone of your sporting endeavors on pride, commitment and passion and build a solid foundation in your sporting career of self-belief, free will, ease of movement and equilibrium. Hence my slogan “Take your Sport to another level with”.

Invest in yourself, gain the winning formula and learn to live your Sport. 

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