Yoga Nidra- Recovery for Irish Rugby Team

Yoga Nidra -Best recovery for the Irish Rugby team.

I am passionate about the game of Rugby and the match between Ireland and France yesterday will go down in history as one of the best Irish games ever played . I will never forget the passion, the hits , the intensity and most of all the supporters willing our team to move forward without three key players .

Imagine how the team are feeling this morning, elated on one hand but shattered both mentally, physically and emotionally . Over the last few weeks, I have been blogging about Yoga Nidra – the most profound relaxation techniques available to mankind. There are no machines or ice baths, quite simply, allowing the body to lie in stillness .  Our bodies are like  onions with layers and layers and when Yoga Nidra is delivered correctly you begin to work with the five layers of the body. Most people think that recovery will come by working with the physical layer but that is only to first layer, the other layers of the body include the energy, emotional, intellect ,joy and overall wellbeing.

The Irish Rugby team would benefit greatly from an hour long Yoga Nidra session over the next couple of days where each session is equal to four hours sleep. Tension and physical ailments  would melt away, a synergy of belief and relaxation would build and they would be united  as one team /one dream so let the drum roll for the World Cup 2015.

The players are wrapped up in blankets and I do the rest !

If you are reading this blog and you may have a connection with Joe Schmidt,

I would like to take Ireland to another level with: IRL

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