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 Testimonials For Sports Yoga over 7 Years

Testimonials are key to success in business.

Hi, My name is Paulette Egan and I am the founder of SportsYoga.ie®. Seven years ago, I combined the concept of sport and yoga and my theory has worked. Now Sports Yoga has become a trend and I am delighted to be leading the force in expertise and development of Sports Yoga in Ireland and abroad.  Testimonials are an essential part of my business and I use them as a formal form of expression and to strengthen my brand .

I have been very fortunate to work with some high performance athletes who have given me an honest review of how I have helped them to either recover from injury or improve their performance.

Felix Jones Testimonial

Felix Jones

Munster full-back

I have unfortunately received a number of career threatening injuries; and have tried a whole range of treatments. I can genuinely say that working with Paulette in her Loft Yoga Studio and experiencing her visualization sessions has been a revelation for me. I wish I hamet her at the beginning of my career! I first met Paulette in an attempt to improve my level of performance by even 1 per cent however what I received was so much more it is hard to quantify. If you are serious about your sport, returning from injury or looking for the extra edge I can definitely recommend working with Paulette, even if it gives you one per cent extra, is that not worth trying?

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

JJ Hanrahan

Munster fly-half

When I was ruled out of the Heineken Cup Semi-final with a groin injury, I started working with Paulette. She wrote out a personalised visualisation for me and included it in the yoga nidra therapy. I made a great recovery in two weeks which would normally take 4 weeks. I am in no doubt that it helped me massively. I would highly recommend yoga nidra therapy with Paulette if you are suffering from injury and need to get back in for an important game or even have personalised skill’s that you need to focus on. I found it great for kicking and visualising positive outcomes and results.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

Dan Murphy

Lead Singer Hermitage Green

Been having back problems for the past 12 months until Paulette Egan from
SportsYoga.ie sorted me out . Highly recommended.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

Paul Devaney

Founder, Irish Seven Summits

I started working with Paulette during my preparation for expeditions to Antarctica and Everest as part of my Seven Summits challenge. I found the Yoga nidra and breathing techniques particularly useful and worked closely with Paulette in developing visualisation recordings to use on the high mountain to help with composure and focus during the more difficult parts of my climbs. Paulette’s attention to detail and hunger for knowledge is infectious. I would highly recommend Paulette at SportsYoga.ie for climbers looking to develop razor sharp focus and maximise their breathing capability in challenging environments.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

John Lynch

Castletroy Golf Club

Golf is a complicated game, made more so by the negative thoughts that go through most golfers heads at some point during a round. Recently I started working on the mental side of my golf game with Paulette. Using yoga nidra she brings you through a series of mental exercises designed to help with thinking positively on the course. These mental exercises consist of a range of golf specific repeatable routines such as pre shot routine, shot execution and acceptance of the result, good or bad. All very powerful in helping the golfer to stay more grounded and positive during the round. It takes time, just like physical training to get the benefit of it but early signs are that it can yield results. My first round using it resulted in a prize and a handicap cut from 4 to 3. I am really looking forward to seeing how I progress over the summer.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

John Conlon

Clare Hurler, All Ireland champions 2013

Yoga nidra with Paulette has helped me to relax and focus. Not only in the run up to big games but in day-to-day life. It was a great benefit to me after being concussed in the Munster hurling semi-final last year. It also helped to focus and strengthen me for future games.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

Stuart Taylor

Manager Limerick F.C.

The Lads thoroughly enjoyed the Passive Recovery session with Paulette last season 2013.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

Colin Griffin

Irish Olympian 2012

SportsYoga® plays a big part in my training programme with several benefits. I have improved my flexibility and mobility greatly over the past few months. The meditation work helps me focus on key training sessions and competition and the Yoga nidra helps me unwind and relax which is vital given my busy schedule.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

Niall Ronan

ex Munster & Irish international

Sports Yoga with Paulette is very beneficial class for rehabilitation and general mobility of an athlete. I would highly recommend it.

Testimonial for Sports Yoga

Mike Jones

Adventure Athlete

I worked with Paulette and her SportsYoga® program in the lead up to my Solo Sea Kayak Expedition around Ireland. I found it really beneficial both physically and mentally and look forward to working with her again for my next endurance challenge” Mike Jones Adventure Athlete & Ocean Rower.

Testimonial for Sports  Yoga

Andree Walkin

Irish Triathlete and European Medal Winner 2013

SportsYoga® is a key part of my training programme. It provides me with valuable flexibility and strength and also helps me to focus on my goals. I would highly recommend SportsYoga.ie to any athlete looking to improve both their physical and mental performance.