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Yoga Therapy Workshops

As a Yoga Therapist I am delighted to announce my upcoming workshops on the lead up to Christmas. I am targeting athletes or sports orientated people who may feel that they have reached their peak but would like to move forward. Regardless of your sporting background, come along and try my concept and watch your sport unfold. The workshops will take place at the Loft Yoga Studio Clonlara from Tuesday November 4th at 8.30pm.


Freeing The Spine For That Extra Percent

4th November

It is quite common for athletes to develop tightness and a limited range of motion (ROM) in the spine. The spine can be tight in one area and have normal or even extra flexibility in another.  Athletes train many hours to achieve results but by freeing the spine, they can achieve that extra percent. This workshop is working with the spine in mind and I will take you through an effective approach to increasing the range of motion in specific areas of the spine that can become tight.


Playing Your Edges – Tune In

11th November

The essence of this workshop is to encourage athletes to play to their edge, going only to the point where they feel a significant resistance. Give your body a change to release and under my instruction, I will invite you to go deeper. Play safe and listen to your body.


Unlock the Knees – Protect the Cruciate

18th November

Have you ever been told to lock your knees in a yoga class? As a Yoga Therapist, my advice to you is DO NOT LOCK your knees ever! This workshop is based on enforcing correct alignment of the knee and with the use of props, I will ensure the balance of strength and release with no sudden movements, planting, or pivoting, and no deep squats. This workshop is a must for serious athletes.


Use Your Body Energy Efficiently

25th November

Improve your energy flow within the body while breaking down neuro-muscular knots especially in the pelvic region where energy tends to stagnate. This energy building and power-developing workshop is fun and energetic and be prepared to wipe your brow!


SportsYoga Vo2 Max Program

2nd December

This workshop is an introduction to my VO2 Max Program. One of the major secrets of energy and vitality is a purified blood stream. Shallow chest breathing promotes early fatigue in athletes, affects their rhythm and their timing and inevitably their speed. Once an athlete becomes aware of the power of breathing patterns, they can then use the breath to release tight muscles, to focus, increase lung capacity therefore improving performance in their sport.


Expand your Horizons for 2015

9th December

This workshop is a treat for athletes who would like to take their sport to another level in 2015. We will explore the theory behind Yoga Nidra therapy, sport meditation and visualisation. The concept of Yoga Nidra Therapy is creating space and stillness in the body to encourage a safer recovery from injury or simply a new concept of moving forward…

Workshop Pricing

€15 per workshop
€80 block book 6 workshops
(One payment on Nov 4th)
Max : 10 people

I ensure correct alignment and attention to detail for each individual attending the workshops and looking forward to sharing my expertise with you.

Regard, Paulette