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SportsYoga Coaching for Athletes

Joseph Mooney, SportsYoga.ie client

Joseph Mooney, SportsYoga.ie client

My SportsYoga coaching is leading the way in Ireland to take athletes to another level in their training. I have worked with many elite athletes.My concept is simple and when you consider the benefits of yoga for a non sporting person, imagine the benefits for athletes.

My SportsYoga coaching involves all aspects of yoga including the physical, mental and the wellbeing of each person. Besides running general yoga classes in Clare and Limerick, I construct precise training programs for elite athletes.These programs include daily routines for precompetitive,the competitive season and post competitive season.  I recommend specific warming up and cooling down routines as well as breathing techniques for different stages of their game. I also record visualisations of games for individuals and teams.

I am currently working on my latest program which will really blow your minds so watch this space in January 2018. I offer expert advice and coaching skills to ensure the safety and well-being of the athlete. I encourage sports enthusiasts to think outside the norm and to jump off the treadmill of stress and frustration while there is still time to save their game. I am offering a whole new experience in training so why wait a moment longer; let us put the wheels of change in motion today.

In addition to SportsYoga, my daughter and I have also launched Ireland’s first yoga brand to enhance your yoga practice so think wisely and choose SportsYoga.ie and I-SPY Clothing  to improve your performance and appearance!

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SportsYoga.ie is a whole new concept in Sports training.

SportsYoga.ie is about creating balance. Balance in the body – muscular groups, flexibility, mobility and strength. Balance your life with work, family and your busy training schedule. Balance the body mentally, emotionally and physically. Balance between belief and reality. Balance in your training regime. The human body will perform better when not pushed to the limit. SportsYoga.ie will create equilibrium in your training, creating a well-balanced athlete, a person who will enjoy their sport, live and love their game, accept the outcome, learn to let go and move on. Take your Sport to another level with SportsYoga.ie.

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The three primary principles of Sports Yoga.ie

  • Prevention of injury

    My first and foremost insight is the prevention of injury and this is essential in all sports. Sportsyoga is a superior form of training as it takes a holistic approach to training

  • Correct Breathing

    Most competitive sports require high levels of aerobic performance over extended periods of time. For some reason, we take our breathing for granted

  • Rest, Recovery & Rehab.

    Managers, coaches and athletes are under serious pressure to perform at their best and must be prepared for the onslaught from the media if performance is poor on any particular day.

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