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Angela Hogan

I am another member of The Sports Yoga Team, and I specialise in Sports Massage for amateurs and professional athletes. I am self-employed and work from my home in Castletroy.

Over the last seven years, I have worked with many GAA clubs and county GAA teams. Also Provincial, National and International, rugby teams and various elite athletics as well as private non-sporting clients.

One of our main aims at to help athletes to become more aware that prevention of injury is much better than cure. Yoga and Sport Massage go hand in hand as they concentrate on both the physiological and psychological.

Athletes are beginning to tune into their bodies and realise that training is not all about exercise alone. Here are some of the benefits of sport massage:

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  • Relieves tension from tired, overworked muscles.
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Speeds up waste removal
  • Prevents potential injuries
  • Prevents the DOMS effect and lactic acid build-up
  • Acts as a natural detox for the body


Sport Massage is not only for athletes, but will benefit others from all ages. Beside the large repertoire that I have built up with Sports people over the years, I also have a number of clients that come to me with stress-related problems, obesity, and clients that use massage purely for relaxation and some wind down time.

If you would like to make an appointment you can contact me at 087 9394051.


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