I-SPY Our President and Aras An Uachtaráin

I-SPY Our President and Aras An Uachtaráin

International Yoga day was celebrated in style this year by 150 yoga teachers from across Ireland who were invited to a garden party in Aras an Uachtaráin to celebrate  with our President.

I was honoured to be one of the invited guests and enjoyed every moment of it. We began with an hour long  yoga practice on the perfect lawn. The sun stayed shining with the rumble of thunder in the distance!! Micheal D and his wife were very welcoming and spent time chatting to everybody and standing in for photos, no selfies thou! We were free to wander around the gardens and treated to wonderful Irish music on our journey.

As it so happened, I had just launched my new venture I-SPY clothing for lifestyle and Yoga and it was the perfect opportunity to present the President with an I-SPY peshamel towel as a token of my appreciation.

The afternoon was spend in the marquee at a garden party with an array of food from miniature scones, hors d’ourves to chocolate coated strawberries.

Micheal D spoke of how yoga is a journey of life and the benefits for people suffering from depression, stress and overload syndrome as well as overall wellbeing.

We spend the evening on the lawn dancing to the wonderful sounds of Havana 4 salsa band.

It will go down in my books as been one of the best days in my life.



Om Shanti Mr Higgins .


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