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Introductory Package for Teams 

Sportsyoga is a superior form of training as it takes a holistic approach to training. My program teaches the person to understand how the body trains as a connective unit therefore being aware of discomfort in the body long before the injury occurs.Proper exercise should be pleasant to the practitioner and should be a lifestyle.  Sportsyoga develops a balance between the physical/mental aspect of sport .   This balance leads to optimum performance in Sport.  Allow me to demonstrate The Sportsyoga sequence to your team.

Two hour introductory  class  €120

6 Weeks Pre-training Session 

Off season training is a excellent time to work on preparing the body for In season. Sportsyoga is the ideal cross training tool as  Yoga produces a balance of strength and flexibility in muscle groups, individual muscles and joints. It also brings the upper/lower, right/left sides of the body into equilibrium.  Yoga postures also focus on the health of the spine; it’s strength and flexibility. The spinal column houses the all-important nervous system, therefore by maintaining the spine’s flexibility and strength through movement, circulation is increased and the nerves are ensured their supply of nutrients and oxygen.  Lastly moving onto stabilizing and strengthening the opposing muscle groups. Now is the time to work on Injury prevention ……

Price: Negotiable

IMGP1440 VO2 Max

Most competitive sports require high levels of aerobic performance over extended periods of time. For some reason, we take our breathing for granted and many coaches do not include any form of breathing techniques to strengthen the lungs and, more importantly, to maximize lung capacity. Learning correct utilization of  the lungs/diaphragm/intercostal muscles can make a major difference to your sporting ability . You will be fitter,faster and most importantly first to the ball or over the line…..

Price: Negotiable

Sportsyoga .ie E A P3


I would like to introduce you to the E.A.P3 program and the reasons why this program will help professional athletes/ teams to gain the optimum output from their sport.For a professional athlete/team who wishes to optimize their performance, it is essential that they have the ability to change their body/mind  connection and behavior as required to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in their game plan.

This program is the ultimate in training/team building and synergy.  The program would be incorporated in the Pre-season training and would be implemented throughout the season on a weekly basis  . It would include all aspects of sportsyoga including  a rest/recovery session following matches plus the added advantage of  therapeutic yoga for re-hab.

In a nutshell,  I would  work as part of the backroom  team as  a personal yoga instructor for the entire season.


Andrea Walkin World Tri Championship London

Andrea Walkin World Tri Championship London


For more information

Price: Negotiable

 Rest and Recovery  Session 



Yoga Nidra -The Art of Letting Go…

Rest and recovery techniques are crucial components of any training program.  Short-term or active recovery usually takes place directly after training or a match. This is usually a short session of low -intensity stretches to ease out muscle tension. The physical aspect of Sportsyoga is an excellent form of cross- training. Yoga Nidra trains the body to enjoy lying in stillness  by just “ being” and not “doing” Letting go cannot be forced or planned but can become a lifestyle. What you are looking for is a state of awareness where tension is released from the body on a physical level and your mind completely switches off. This hour long session would take place on the evening of the match or early the following morning.  Players and Managers will feel completely rejuvenated and ready to resume training the following day.

Price: Negotiable.




Coming Soon….. Designer Sportsyoga Workshops

All sports require different techniques and  range of movement so I am designing tailor-made workshop for  specific sports.   The target of these workshops is to work with small groups at The Loft Yoga Studio , with emphasis on breath-work , full range of movement,tactics and creating an understanding as to how and why the body should move for that particular Sport.  More details to follow …


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Regards Paulette.


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