SportsYoga meets up with Spin South West

SportsYoga meets up with Spin South West

Last week I had the honour of working with Spin South West and the spinnies  and myself had the delightful task of surprising a Limerick business with lunch for ten employees plus an introduction to yoga in the workplace. Spin South West is one of the leading radio stations in Limerick and the mid west.

Stress in the workplace today is a major consideration for employers and anything that can be introduced to alleviate this is a potential benefit to both employers and the employees. Less stressful employees will be more productive and are less likely to need time off through illness.
  Thousands of working days are  lost due to work-related ill health and I believe that yoga can change a working environment for the better and employees will be much happier at their work station. I also  work with athletes  and the signs of stress are similar for employees or training to be on top of your game.
  Yoga in the work place will help employees deal with stress and anxiety, sit with awareness at their desk, eliminate back pain, improve breathing and overall encourage inner peace and calm. Personally I feel that posture is one of the most important factors of yoga and when you stand in good posture, you give off an air of confidence and this can be the difference of winning or losing new clients.
Change your way of thinking  and enjoy your job, remember it is where you spend most of your life.!!


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