The Importance Of Correct Breathing And Sport – Pranayama.

Most competitive sports require high levels of aerobic performance over extended periods of time. For some reason, we take our breathing for granted and many coaches do not include any form of breathing techniques to strengthen the lungs and, more importantly, to maximise lung capacity.

In yoga, breathing is vital to the practice and all movement is in unison with the breath. Among infants, correct breathing comes naturally and they use their entire lungs to breathe, but as we get older most people only utilize the upper part of their lungs.


Why Oxygen Intake is so Important.

Oxygen is the most vital nurient in our bodies. It is essential for the proper and efficient functioning of the brain,nerves,glands and other internal organs. One of the major secrets of energy and vitality is a purified blood stream. The quickest and most effective way to purify the blood stream is by taking in extra supply of oxygen from the air that we breathe.Shallow chest breathing promotes early fatigue in athletes, affects their rhythm and their timing and inevitably their speed. Once an athlete becomes aware of the power of breathing patterns, they can then use the breath to release tight muscles, to focus, increase lung capacity therefore improving performance in their sport.

Sportsyoga helps develop deep relaxed breathing to achieve the following:

    • Reduce breathing rate/ increase of oxygen
    • Increase blood circulation to vital organs
    • Circulates and detoxifies the lymph fluid to speed up recovery time from training  15%faster, eliminating fatigue.
    • Increase lung capacity
    • Condition and strengthen lungs, diaphragm  and intercostal muscles
    • Optimum speed /vitality/endurance
    • Slower heart rate.
    • Oxygen is essential for the production of ATP -The chemical basis of energy production in the body.
    • Specific breathing techniques will increase red blood cells naturally.
    • High degree of concentration /mental focus
    • Calm clear controlled mind essential at the “critical match point” / race.

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