Yoga breathe for better Frees -SportsYoga

 Yoga breathe for better frees -SportsYoga

Free taking is such a responsible task  in any sport and can be the winning or the losing of the game. It is critical to be aware of how your body reacts to stresses of a game. Normally a player will literally hold their breath under pressure which results in rapid uncontrolled breathing leading to a loss of blood flow to the extremities including the brain. The body will become tense and the heart and mind will begin to race. SportsYoga breathing will teach the player a correct breathing pattern that will keep the mind calm and focused and free from distraction. Breathing awareness will provide a  solid foundation for free taking, clearing the brain fog, improving mental alertness and decision making and allowing the shot to become more accurate.

At I offer private appointments which will ensure that the player will receive individual attention and a personalised MP3 recording to listen to on a daily basis.



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