The Next Step In Sport Rehab- Yoga Therapy

I have taken my career to another level:

Yoga Therapist

There are a few reasons why I have spend the last two and a half years surrounded by anatomy books, case studies and feed back from clients. I had decided to take my career to another level, and qualify as a Yoga Therapist.

Over the summer, I had been busy updating my website and I suppose when you have a dream, you have to follow on the journey to reach your destination. For years I would have considered that I always had something special, maybe a little different, to offer to the world of Sport. Let it be building synergy within a team,or aiding quicker and safer recovery from injury or maybe simply a visualisation of a game. When you have been practicing yoga for 22 years, you acquire an instinct and a knowledge of what is the best for that individual.

I have worked with many individuals and during their first consultation, they will always put their weaknesses down to a physical   complaint. I  pick up on  body language, the emotional side of a personality, listening for words such as “lack of confidence” “fear” or anxiety. I feel in the world of Sport, there is no safe haven to go when they are in doubt of their  ability to get back in their  game.

A professional sports person may be too much in control of his ego to even consider yoga therapy as a form of healing his emotions which may be the root of his physical problem, holding him back from his peak performance. I have qualified as a Yoga Therapist to copper fasten my belief that I can make the difference in Sport by helping individuals to face their challenges,training them to tune inwards, restore well-being ,increase belief and improve their attitude and form.

Take your Sport to another level with Me.


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