for Golfers commences on Oct 16th. for Golfers

As the dark evenings approach and the golfing season is coming to an close, it is time for you to look back over the season and re-think your next move. What are your issues,and your weaknesses. How can you improve your game and your performance. for Golfers class commences on Oct 16th  and between now and Christmas I will focus on the physical aspect of the game. I have developed a specific program to target the areas of the body which may be restricting your play, mainly thoracic spine,hips and ankles. However  I do offer a one to one  coaching course for individuals who are interested in taking their golf to another level: This course includes all other aspects of the game including  visualisation,grounding techniques,and mental preparation.



                  The Loft Yoga Studio,Clonlara 


                                       TIME: 7 pm


COST 9 WEEKS – €100

  See you in the Loft, Namaste, Paulette

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