From Physio to Game Fit – Yoga Therapy


From Physio to Game Fit – Yoga Therapy



 In Your sporting career, how  many times have you been side lined  due to injury,  the Physiotherapist  has given you the all clear, but not deemed fit to return to your game. I am sure that this is a familiar scenario for a number of athletes . Physiotherapy is a well respected health care profession that uses evidence-based treatment methods to help clients restore and maintain optimal movement and function, as well as provide education on health maintenance and injury prevention. However Physiotherapists will only deal with the physical aspect of the injury .

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people or  athletes recovering from injury or health issues. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs.  Medical research shows that Yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for injuries and re-hab. 

I hold a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Yoga Therapy Ireland along with over 15 years of experience as a yoga instructor. In 2011 I founded a business specifically aimed at assisting athletes achieve peak physical and mental performance.

In addition to supporting healthy athletes uncover new levels of performance I have also worked with a number of elite and professional sports people to rehabilitate from injury.

 Yoga therapy can be used as an extension  to any physiotherapy program and initially I would work with the physical body  but the concept of the two therapies differ greatly.  Yoga therapy is an integrated body -mind system aiming to re-balance the body as one unit, mentally, physically and emotionally.  The first consultation comprises  of a  discussion on the aliment  in question, but I have been trained to watch  for body language which may indicate fear,anxiety in the player, or self-doubt in themselves to return to peak performance.  Athletes are comfortable with an introduction to Yoga Therapy through the physical aspect but are enthusiastic and eager to learn techniques of remaining calm, increasing their lung capacity but more importantly learning to allow the body to recovery to full health by simply lying still.   

The services and supports that I offer to Athletes are designed to complement the work of Physiotherapists by encouraging correct alignment while also developing balance between stability, flexible, mobility and strength. Yoga therapy helps individuals facing health challenges and injury to manage and relieve their condition, deal with pain, relax and restore well being, increase vitality and improve attitude and form.

You may be asking yourself, what makes yoga so different to any other form of exercise, and let me explain it in the best way possible. The practice of yoga can be compared to a moving massage where by we compress, stretch and twist with awareness.  Toxins and waste products are released and deep  blockages are removed to promote the flow of  energy. Yoga is unique in the sense that it can strengthen and lengthen the muscles. Dealing with the injury in question, I would construct a program for each individual,  encouraging a  tolerable range of motion and hold it there with awareness. 

Allow your body to recover quickly by taking one step back to move four steps forward and to continue your journey as a athlete with confidence and the knowledge that your body is your life so it pays to look after it !!

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