Mastering Yoga Breathing For A Faster You!

Yoga breathing

 Mastering yoga breathing for a  faster YOU!

Time is ticking by and with twenty five days to go to the BH Great Limerick Run, you still have time to get the most out of your body. Include yoga breathing in your routine and you will enjoy a super fitter you.

However, it takes years to master certain yoga breathing that will actually condition your lungs but I will share some simple tips with you and all I can say right now is watch this space!


Deep breathing for powering on


Yoga breathing

Over the years I have worked with many elite athletes and across the board, not one of them every thought about their breathing patterns. The practice of yoga is immersed in breathing techniques and how to use your breath as you move. In a blog situation, I have to keep it simple and main stream but if you are serious about changing your pace, it is necessary to book a One to one consultation with me.  For now I can only advise you to become aware of your breath and learn to breathe in and out through the nose. Start by counting to 4 on the inhalation and 4 on the exhalation. Keep the breath steady and slow. I can not advise you at this stage to move on to the next level as the lungs are very delicate organs and must be treated with respect. But believe me, I can help you to take your sport to another level with time and practice.


Improve the quality of your life

Yoga Breathing

Fruits and vegetables get their colour from the micronutrients they contain.  This is why it is so critical for you to eat all the colours of the rainbow. If you are running in BH Great Limerick Run, you must think energy, feel energy and literally eat energy!  Increase your vegies and fruit intake for the next four weeks. Literally include the colours of the rainbow in every meal for optimal health and fitness.


Pumped up with Prana

Yoga Breathing

First things first: What is Prana? The word pranayama extends from two words: prana, which is often described as life force, and ayama, which means to lengthen or stretch. In yogic traditions, the breath is used to control the prana and to help it flow properly through the body. Now we have established that Prana is energy that surrounds us. Imagine how better you would feel if you could tap into this amazing high powered force. The answer is yoga breathing.


Tip for you:

Yoga Breathing

Learn the abdominal breathing  because it is the most efficient way to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. Let your stomach expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale. Take large, complete breaths and exhale fully. Ideally you should be practicing yoga breathing while resting. Lie on the floor and place your hands over your tummy, Breathe in through your nose allow the tummy to expand first then feel the rib cage expanding, front ,back and sides (no forcing) and as you exhale through your nose, allow the reverse to happen. This is a very simple technique which is a good start to a proper breathing technique.

Finally always breathe in and out through the nose !!

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