Mindful Strides and Visualisation of the Race


Mindful Strides and Visualisation of the Race

Run ,run, run, Have you ever thought why you are running, or are you preparing for Bon Secour Great Limerick Run 2018. Either way I am going to share some of my simple tips on mindful strides and visualisation of your race. How many of you train with the main focus on your body, some may focus on the mind body connection but how many of you focus on the full package of mind, body and spirit. At SportsYoga.ie I have developed a new concept  in sport training which will help you to rethink your training program

1.Be Mindful

Mindfulness in sport           The race is only 6 weeks away and you may find that you are getting fretful or stressing out about workouts, getting aches and pains where you never had them. If the answer is yes, you need change your way of thinking. Consider alternating workouts every-other-day. alternating running and cycling, or running and swimming, or better still try yoga! When you run mindfully, you are aware of everything that is going on inside and outside of you. Since you’re not trying to force anything, but just being with the run, you begin to feel the connection with your surroundings and even your fellow runners. This helps you let go, in a sense,  just taking it all in, and running in a state of bliss. I know that this sounds cliché but if you want to be change your running form, you must become mindful. I work with individual athletes on mindfulness of their sport.  

2. Ease Off Full Throttle

Foot off the Throttle             Have you reached a block in your training. Your mind is telling you to power on but your body is screaming at you to back off. I would recommend that you train at low intensity every second day. Remember masking the problem is never the answer. However, there are still great benefits to rest and doing recovery work, to allow inflammation to subside, to relieve tension, and working to remove knots or tight spots. This does not mean you should ignore the root of the problem. Far from it, as doing so only invites even more challenges as the race approaches. Now is a good time to introduce visualisation techniques Yoga Nidra is one method that I teach, so while your body is rebuilding in strength, you can make that connection between the body and mind with a personalised visualisation. Even after two weeks, you will be back on track and feeling better than ever.

3. Posture is Key

Posture is key             When it comes to running, we often work hard on our form, drills, intervals, and everything and anything to do with our training. However, we only run perhaps an hour or two a day. Good posture is one aspect of my program that you can work on 24/7. When you  become aware of  good posture on a moment to moment basis, it transfers over to how you run. Strong core is essential but awareness of how to hold the upper body is crucial to key performance. I will be posting up videos to help you achieve this simple change in your way of thinking.

4. Slow Your Pace

Slow your pace           You may  be saying to yourself, I want to run faster not slower but trust me on this one. You must slow down, tune into your breathing and learn to breathe in unison with your footfall.  My second principal of SportsYoga.ie is respiratory conditioning and I teach many techniques to condition and improve your overall efficiency to ensure that you will run smarter and faster .Your breath then becomes a mantra which is a repetitive word or short sentence that you repeat mentally to yourself to keep you focused. Depending on your race, your mantra might change during the race to avoid crashing into that wall! Build slow and consistent and enjoy a stronger and more powerful you.

5. Visualisation of your Race

Visualisation             Visualization is a powerful tool for athletes. When we visualize performing an action, it activates the same brain areas we use when we actually perform that action. Visualizing a race primes your mental muscle the way speedy intervals condition your legs and lungs. By mentally rehearsing running relaxed and steady, your  brain will become accustomed and you will automatically run your race relaxed and steady. However preparation is a key factor but you still have  time Regrister for the GLR now . Dedicate 5 minutes daily to train yourself to quieten down.

  •   Rehearse the race, the starting line, the stumbling blocks, the weather, the people, see yourself being in control of        your breath.
  • Be realistic and remember it will not be all sunshine. You have to visualise that the journey will not always be the perfect race so allow time to work around these areas that may happen on the day. You have to be prepared for a dog running out in front of you, a cramp or even having to stop at traffic light.
  • Paint the picture that you want to see and spend a few minutes daily on the days leading up to the race. However these are only pointer for you. I offer one to one consultations where I help you to construct your visualisation and I record a personalised copy for each person.

The Great Limerick run is a fun day for all so you must enjoy the build up and love your training.

SportsYoga Breathe for Speed Training at 3 locations near you starting on April 4th

Loft Yoga Studio Clonlara       Tuesday  8.30pm

UL Sport Arena                         Wed   7.15am /6pm

Strand Hotel Limerick              Thurs  7pm


We have 15%  the I-SPY Yoga Range.   Namaste Paulette 0863183646


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