Paulette Points To: Your Nose


 Paulette Points To: YOUR  NOSE.


Over the years I have received some funny reactions to the remark, breathe in through your nose . I may as well have asked them to breathe in through their ears !!

How many of you have actually thought about your nose and why it is placed in such a prominent place on your face.

We know that the nose is for smelling and smell is one of our five senses. We have established that it gives our face a shape, and that it grows into a bulbous object if we drink too much whiskey!

Time to wake up and smell the coffee, YOUR NOSE IS FOR BREATHING.


 Paulette Points To:  Nose breathing


  •  Those two openings at the end of your nose are designed to allow the breath to enter the body slowly.

  • The air is filtered and warmed before it enters the lungs.

  • Nose breathing encourages the inhalation and the exhalation to be of equal length.

  • Nasal breathing can balance subtle energy at the space between the eyebrows hence better mental focus.

  • Nasal breathing has a knock on effect the central nervous system, allowing the body to remain calm.

HOWEVER, There are always exceptions to any rule !


  • If you are feeling under weather with the flu, just breathe to stay alive.

  • When you are embarking on your Yoga breathing journey, start slowly and just for a few minutes a day.

  • Most competitive sport encourage you to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

  • Don’t dwell on your breathing pattern every moment of the day.

  • I would not recommend breathing out through the nose while swimming .

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