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Paulette Egan


 Welcome to my latest  blog, Paulette Points To:  !


I have been practicing Yoga  for 25 years and highly qualified in many aspects including Yoga Therapy. Even after all of this time, I find myself in a dilemma when I start a beginners class as to how do I explain;

“What is Yoga”

I am starting this blog “Paulette Points To: ” in the hopes that I will be able to share my thoughts on “What is Yoga”  in a light hearted but knowledgeable manner, I teach Yoga to all ages from old age pensioners to elite athletes and basically both classes are structured in the same manner with emphasis on breathing, movement with awareness and relaxation.  

Personally, Yoga  is a lifestyle to me where I have learned to keep my body strong and fit, my joints mobile and spacious, and I feel healthy and happy, without too much effort. I have developed a profound awareness  with the energy surrounding me but above all, I have a sense of calmness and a knowing in my own mind that life is meant to be.

This is the key is success and being content with my life.

Over the coming months or possibly years, I will jot down my thoughts and share them with you in this casual blog.


Yoga is Life & Life is Yoga  

Cheers for now,



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