workshop with Dublin’s strongest GAA club workshop with Dublin’s strongest GAA club.


Parnell’s GAA Club  Dublin

I spend yesterday working with Parnell’s senior footballers and it is good to see that the GAA are beginning to explore different methods of training and that success may not always come with the tough slog alone. It has been in our culture to push our bodies to the limit and beyond  and when they lose, managers will push harder and more training drills to become faster and fitter .My concept of is to offer a different approach  to training, where I work with awareness and tuning in to the body to be aware of niggling pains that may cause injury . Prevention is better than cure.  I also include breathing techniques that will condition the lungs without the physical exertion . The most important aspect of my training is Yoga Nidra therapy with personalized visualisation where I work with teams or individuals to get them to think on the same wavelengths.  So invest in your team today and get the results that you are looking for in 2014

Paulette Egan

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