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“Ever wondered how to improve your golf game without hitting a
practice ball? I may have found the answer.

For the last six months I have been attending Paulette Egan’s for Golfers  at her Loft yoga studio in Doonass, Clonlara, Co.Clare.
Classes focus on the sporting needs of the student. In my case,
improving flexibility in order to improve my golf swing.

Although I am only 34, I have found over the last few years my
backswing got tighter and shorter, resulting in a rushed, fast swing
with poor tempo. This has lead to poor ball striking and inconsistent

In the short days of winter it is very hard to get to play and
practice. I recommend all golfers give one of Paulette’s classes a go
in the dark winter months and see how it can improve their game in the
new season.

By working on specific muscles, in consultation with Paulette, I have
vastly improved my shoulder turn and am now swinging the club back to
parallel on a consistent basis.
This, combined with a vast improvement in balance, has led to a far
better tempo and strike on the ball.
Dare I say, I have found a few more fairways and a few extra yards off
the tee. Isn’t that what every golfer is looking for?”

John Lynch, 4 handicapper, Castletroy Golf Club _________________________________________

The for Golfers Program is currently booked out. One to one sessions are also available.

Contact Paulette 0863183646





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