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Paulette Egan

Sport and Yoga are at the two opposite ends of the spectrum but I have combined the two as one. My belief in my business is so powerful. I am passionate that I have the perfect formula to make the difference in Sport. The “ie” will differentiate my years of research and knowledge from the rest. I have packaged this knowledge into videos and blog posts.

SportsYoga.ie is not a class situation; it is a revelation –the next wave of change in the world of sport. It is about creating balance in an athlete’s life. SportsYoga.ie is an interactive site with tips, workshops and guest blogs. It is an action packed website of images, videos and testimonials. I have compiled unique and specialised programs exclusive to SportsYoga.ie.


I offer bespoke training programs for individuals and teams so please feel free to browse the services that I offer or have a glance at my principles. You may want to read my testimonials from top class athletes from many different backgrounds. If you are an avid golfer, please feel free to go onto my SportsYoga.ie channel on You Tube and gain some useful hints for your game. Otherwise if you are a person who simply appreciates an interesting website, well then I would like to welcome you!

Before you go and browse, let me mention my behind the scenes team that worked long hours to complete this site.

Gillian Horan : Branding consultant. www.ThePudding.ie
Angela Horsfall: Photographer www.horsfallphotography.com
Robin Wallace: Video Producer www.celticvideo.com

And a very special word of thanks to
Tim Harper: Website developer www.waxbotanical.com



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