1st Yoga Therapy Workshop – Freeing the Spine.

Yoga Therapy Workshop – Freeing the Spine.

I am delighted to be able to announce the first of  the six  yoga therapy workshops  that I have organised before Christmas.

It is quite common for athletes to develop tightness and a limited range of motion (ROM) in the spine. The spine can be tight in one area and have normal or even extra flexibility in another.  Athletes train many hours to achieve results but by freeing the spine, they can achieve that extra percent. This workshop is working with the spine in mind and I will take you through an effective approach to increasing the range of motion in specific areas of the spine that can become tight.

 The thoracic spine is a key contributor to functional rotation in the human body, Either excessive movement or lack of movement in one area can greatly hinder the performance of another area.However the function  of the spine can sometimes blend into daily training and quite often, athletes may not give it a second thought until an injury occurs. Unfortunately sometimes it can be the straw that broke the camels back!

Yoga therapy rehabilitation is to achieve a proper balance of strength and motion for the surrounding areas, For example if you take cycling or rowing if not practiced correctly, may cause tightness in the thoracic spine because of the position of the body on the bike or erg. Rounding of the back and shoulders can cause serious problems but is also increasing pressure  on the lungs,digestive system and heart. This workshop will be interesting and besides taking you through a yogic view of the spine, yoga therapy  is gentle and effective as it goes deeper and works with the connective tissue of the body.

While directing your awareness inwards, you will be alert for signals of pain,sharp or electrical sensations so you will learn to ease off and settle for less. “Less is more” is very much part of my teaching. You will learn to move with the spine in mind,and that mobility must come from the thoracic spine  and NOT from the lumber spine. I am hoping that you will learn from my workshops and implement them into your training regime so take your sport to another level with:




Location:   The Loft Yoga Studio Clonlara, Co Clare

Date:            November 4th

Time:           8.30 pm

Cost :            €15.oo

Paulette:      086 3183646

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