Workshop- Playing Your Edge Workshop- Playing your Edge.


This is my second workshop and let me explain what I mean by “Playing your edge”. This workshop is based on Yin yoga and we will explore how to come into a pose, tuning in to feeling significant resistance in the body and pausing. The pause will give your body a chance to react and to release, after a minute or so,I will guide you to move deeper into the pose.

The majority of people who train on a regular basis would never consider that  it is equally important  to be able to settle into postures for a period of minutes but to find your edge and remain there. It is a  tough wrestling match between the mind contending with the body,trying to force it into postures, while the body is it is a challenging workshop.

So now we have established that there is two sides to every coin, in fact there is two sides to everything. This workshop is based on  the theory of Yin and Yang, Yang is about changing the world which we all like to do at times!  The essence of yin is learning to yield and let the body recognize that if you are patient, you will go deeper into the stretch and connective tissue.

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Date:          November 11th

Time:         8.30 pm

Location: Loft Yoga Studio  Clonlara Co.Clare

Cost :          15 euro

Contact :   Paulette  863183646


 Pre-Booking is essential



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