Breathe For Speed Program will Launch on April 1st.

Breathe for Speed.

Breathe For Speed Program will Launch on April 1st.

Breathe for Speed  is a program that I will be launching to coincide with my SportsYoga on line training for athletes. Over the past seven years, I have worked endlessly to prefect my input into athletic performance. I often question myself as to how I can share my knowledge with athletes worldwide. Why is athletic training also so physical and demanding when there is another way to enhance your training…… Breathe!

Breathe For Speed  is based on yoga breathing techniques which is called Pranayama. These techniques will add another dimension to training. Breathing is one of our most vital function so why is it that the majority of people do not pay attention to it. As an to athlete it is essential to connect with the way that you breathe. In yoga, pranayama is one of the essential components of the practice. We need to break it down to get a clear understanding of the word. PRANA means vital energy or life force. This is the force which exists in all things, whether animate or inanimate.  However in my SportsYoga “Breathe For Speed” program, I am focusing on the AYAMA which has a different meaning. AYAMA is defined as extension or expansion of the life force and energy that surround us hence we have Pranayama!

I have incorporated the correct use of pranayama into  my Breathe For Speed program which provides the method whereby the life force can be activated and regulated. This technique will train athletes to be more in tune with their bodies and can take them outside of their  normal boundaries or limitations in their sport.

Before commencing on my on-line training, please ask yourself, do you want to become stronger, faster, more explosive and even more powerful? You cannot expect to be the best if you are doing the same thing as everybody else.

Thank you for reading my blog and exciting times ahead for athletes. My name is Paulette Egan and I am the founder of I teach classes in Limerick City and please free to join me in

UL Sport Arena Castletroy or Yoga In Limerick City . I am also the Co- founder of I-SPY Clothing which is Ireland’s first yoga brand so whatever changes that you might need to make in your preparation for Tokyo 2020 or your next 10k, I can help you to make that change.


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