Ditch the Heels for SportsYoga after Christmas !

 Ditch the heels for SportsYoga after Christmas


The things we do for fashion!!  Now is the time of year that we all want to look and feel our best, and if you happen to be a gym bunny or a sports lover, you will want to give the training gear a well deserved rest.  Ladies, my advice to you is to GO FOR IT and I must admit after a very successful year, I too will be strutting in the killer heels.

As a Yoga Therapist ,I can advice you on correct alignment of the feet while standing on solid ground, creating balance on the sole of the foot. 

Fallen arches are a major problems for stilettos wearers and you will not look elegant if you are not confident in your heels!

At SportsYoga.ie I teach a variety of classes in Limerick and Clare  but all classes start with correct foot alignment, no matter of age or gender. I have a particular  interest in starting people off on the right foot excuse the pun! and how to maintain a solid foundation for everyday life.

Moving into my 24 th year of practicing yoga, I can safely say that now I know the reason for practicing yoga in bare feet- Balance  in the foot will give you  a five star walking posture that will enhance your legs under that little black number !

Enjoy the Christmas and talk to you all in 2015




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