Use Your body Energy Efficiently

Use Your body energy efficiently workshop



Within our bodies we have two main kinds of energy: chemical and electrical. Chemical energy is transmitted  via the blood system. Electrical energy is transmitted via the nervous system. So when it comes to working out, most of the energy escapes through sweat and muscle tension and we are left feeling tired and we may even question ourselves as to whether it is worth the pain!

Yoga is unique in the sense that it work on holding the vital energy within the body through breathing techniques and bandas.

Disease can also be cause by crystallized energy in the joins whereby the mind may have let go of an issue that may have happened years ago but the physical body will hold on to it in the form of a dis-ease.

I am not going to ramble on about energy blockages but what I would like you to do is to come along on Tuesday evening and enjoy a light hearted, joint releasing workshop that will leave you energized for days,

Improve your energy flow within the body while breaking down neuro-muscular knots especially in the pelvic region where energy tends to stagnate. This energy building and power-developing workshop is fun and energetic and be prepared to wipe your brow!






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