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Race Day Tips On The Double In UL


I have been teaching my sequence in UL Sport Arena for over two years now and it has gone from strength to strength in terms of numbers attending, regular clients and newbie’s. Due to public demand in UL, I am adding another class every Thursday at 5.15 pm.  In general my concept of teaching has soared to an all time high with all  classes in my Loft Yoga Studio having reached their ultimate potential and a waiting list in place.  

I have designed three different sequences that I vary from week to week so there is never a possibility of boredom setting in amounts my students!! I teach my own style of Yoga based on the fact that I have a diploma in Yoga Therapy and that I have worked with many sports people over the years. I understand their demands and hectic schedule’s, I can read between the lines as to whether an injury is purely physical or combined with emotional pressure.  

I have created a brand which is now a buzz word but behind the hype, I teach a slow steady class, allowing the body to recognize the changes, allowing the athlete to accept these changes and that balance in their life is the key to peak performance in their game .

I am also offering Yoga Therapy one to one consultations so please do not hesitate to contact me if you are concerned about performance or recovering from injury .



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For more information on the activities and classes that are taking place in UL , please visit their website 




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