Felix Jones views on SportsYoga.ie

Felix Jones Testimonial

 Felix Jones views on SportsYoga.ie

Five Years ago, when I combined Sports and Yoga, I always knew that it would be a revelation for elite athletes. I love the passion, energy and power that surround sport, but I feel that the world of sport training is missing the final chapter that can make the difference.  The concept of SportsYoga.ie is to train sports enthusiasts to create balance in their lives. Set the cornerstone of your sporting endeavors on pride, commitment and passion and build a solid foundation in your sporting career of self-belief, free will, ease of movement and equilibrium. Learn to live your sport rather than just play it. Hence my slogan “Take your Sport to another level with SportsYoga.ie”.


    “I have unfortunately received a number of career threatening injuries; and have tried a whole range of treatments. I can genuinely say that working with Paulette, owner of SportsYoga.ie  and experiencing her visualization sessions has been a revelation for me. I wish I had met her at the beginning of my career! I first met Paulette in an attempt to improve my level of performance by even 1 per cent however what I received was so much more it is hard to quantify.If you are serious about your sport, returning from injury or looking for the extra edge I can definitely recommend working with Paulette, even if it gives you one per cent extra, is that not worth trying?

Felix Jones, (Munster and Irish International Rugby) 


I would like to wish Felix every success in the IRUPA awards that will be announced in the coming weeks

Paulette Egan



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