Improve Your Game By 12% –

Improve Your Game by 12%




  1. Stop building muscle bulk hence weakening the lower back

  2. Use your common sense and create balance in your muscle groups

  3. Think in as athletic manner and tune in for early signs of injury or fatigue

  4. Improve your speed and recovery by engaging in my VO2 Max Program

  5. Practice SportsYoga on a daily basis to achieve optimal athletic performance

  6. Practice mindfulness and visualisation to improve your mental alertness

  7. Avoid fatal  lapses of concentration and focus on the next stage of the game

  8. Learn to deal with competitive pressure and distractions

  9. Deal with loss in a positive manner and not dwelling on negative emotions and thoughts

  10. Contact me Paulette on 0863183646 to gain that extra 12%  today !!

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