SportsYoga for Better Kicking Performance

SportsYoga for better kicking performance


Important games are won and lost by the accuracy  and the mind-set of the penalty kicker or designated free taker. Kicking on target is a skill where there is always room for improvement,however the player must be trained to stay mentally strong and focused .  Every kicker has their own technique and this was very obvious during the Rugby world cup when each kicker went through their routine before taking the kick .

Kickers will take thousands of practice shots in their sporting career but why do some miss when the hopes of the nation are resting on him .

Great athletes are able to silence their PFC under pressure and just be in their zone in a instance

It’s all in the mind……

The Pre-frontal cortex( section of the brain behind the forehead) is the part of the brain that helps us with decision making and regulating our behaviour.  The PFC needs to be exercised and conditioned like every other muscle in the body to strengthen your will power.  However this section of  the brain is not responsible for the action of taking the actual shot.  The PFC sends out messages to the part of the brain that regulates movement –  the  primary motor cortex and the supplementary motor area which works a little more abstractly, planning specific movements and preparation . However the  Pre-frontal cortex can get distracted and this is when doubt and the “What if’s ” sets in .

At , I develop specific programs where I combine the ancient practice of Yoga therapy and sports science to improve athletic performance. Yoga Nidra and meditation are two of the techniques that I use to improve kicking /free taking performance .

Meditation is not difficult to learn but like a sport, it’s a skill. You need to practice and over time an athlete can  develop the ability to drop into a meditative state in an instance.

My program trains a player to:

  • Disengage from distractions,crowd and camera flashes
  • Sustain attention on a selected subject
  • View their penalty kick as a duty, not as an opportunity for person success
  • Use of five senses to stay grounded
  • Reinforce new patterns of behaviour and beliefs
  • Learn to be patient and not to let his emotions interfere  with his kick.
  • Move quickly once he finds his dristi point(point of focus)
  • Choose the smallest target and not focus on the posts
  • Accept the outcome and refocus for the next kick IRL



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