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Have you ever been told to lock your knees in a yoga class? As a Yoga Therapist, my advice to you is DO NOT LOCK your knees ever! This workshop is based on enforcing correct alignment of the knee and with the use of props, I will ensure the balance of strength and release with no sudden movements, planting, pivoting, and no deep squats. This workshop is a must for serious athletes who may have to pivot or turn suddenly in their game.

This workshop will focus on important factors related to correct knee alignment.  

  • Correct alignment from the feet with weight evenly distributed  across the entire foot 

  • Engaging the center-line of the body reducing pressure on the joints

  • Warm up with hip openers- Lack of rotation in the hip can cause pain in the knee

  • Check for Hyper-extension of the knee 

  • Use of props to build strength in the muscles supporting the knee cap

  •  Sharpen your awareness of body signals to  prevent injury 


Date of  workshop ;            Tuesday   18th November

Location;                              Loft  Yoga Studio Clonlara Co, Clare

Time ;                                     8.30pm

Cost;                                        €15

Pre Booking is essential. Paulette 086 3183646


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