Stand Tall, Feel Light ,Run Faster

Run Faster

Stand Tall, Feel Light, Run Faster


Welcome to my  first blog to  ensure that you will run faster in the Barrington’s Hospital Great Limerick Run 2018

My name is Paulette Egan founder of I have 25 years experience in yoga and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you.  I will be writing blogs and sharing videos so that you can introduce yoga into your training routine. Today I am blogging on how correct posture will improve your stride and make you feel more confident and run faster! How many of you have seen other runners with poor posture. By working on your posture  you will resolve many running form problems. I am very excited to be launching a new program called Breathe For Speed and I hope to have six different locations in different areas of Limerick so that you can get the base training and then follow on with my on-line training.

Runners have a tremendous amount to gain from adding yoga to their fitness regimen. A running stride involves only the lower body movement in one plane as in forward and back. Some muscles become strong while other are underused and remain weak.

Run Faster

Great Limerick Run


At I recommend that you have a look at my videos but first take off your shoes and socks and be aware of the correct alignment of your feet. Are you feet pointing forward and are you arches lifted. Fallen arches can be the primary cause of leg, pelvis back and shoulder misalignment.

on March 15th I will be posting up short videos to help you to stand tall, feel light and run faster !

1. The perfect posture for running

2. Prevention of slouching shoulder and jutting chin.

3. Strong powerful legs to run faster

4. Lifting fallen arches.

5. Rock solid core

These videos are short and to the point and easy to implement into your training.

Register with Great Limerick Run today and train with the best  ! Until next week, safe training and  talk to you then.

Run Faster

 I teach my classes in UL Sport Arena every Wednesday and my own yoga studio- The Loft Yoga Studio Clonlara, Co. Clare. Feel free to call me if you are interested in a mat!

Run Faster



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