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Yoga Nidra For Sport @


The fundamentals of any sport is learning and perfecting skills and it is the duty of managers and coaches to improve skills and emphasize that players adhere  to a particular game plan.  Naturally techniques and skills are the cornerstone of any sport but should only be the starting point.

Games are won and games are lost and teams go back to the drawing board.  Over the years I have paid particular interest to the reaction of the defeated manager’s point of view as to why his team lost and more importantly how he intends to improve performance before the next onslaught. “We must train harder, become more physical and feel aggression ” are common answers to the question.

I must disagree with the above views, the real problem does not lie in the body of the player or the bones of the team, it originates in a man’s changing ideals, in his way of thinking and feeling.

Let me introduce Yoga Nidra  for sport. Yoga Nidra means sleeping with a trace of awareness. It is a state of mind between wakefulness and dreaming. During Yoga Nidra, an individual or an entire team enter a profound state of receptive relaxation, all the while remaining totally aware and alert.   At this moment, your intellectual mind is operating, but when you learn to relax, the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind open to new ideas.  Teams can lose because deep down or subconsciously, they simply do not have the belief.  Introduce Yoga Nidra to a team and they will train to perform better by using their subconscious minds.

Yoga Nidra will enhance your game by adding another  dimension to a team’s outlook and good attitude towards each other.

These lifestyle skills will separate a great team from a merely good team. Changing the attitude of a team will change the way that they perform and it is possible to win a game but not necessarily play their best. Yoga Nidra trains athletes to respect and care for their bodies, to introduce guided rest into their daily routine and a well constructed one hour Yoga Nidra script equals four hours of normal sleep.


Over the following weeks, I will be writing more in depth the concept of Yoga Nidra and the benefits in Sport and remember:

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